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About Eric:

I’m Eric, a young transit fan and critic.  I’ve been following the MBTA’s tracks for the last few years – incidents, reports, investigations, and flat out incompetence.  I’m a huge advocate for transit expansion and building more walkable cities throughout the country.

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About Eliot:

Hello there! My name is Ben, I was born and raised in the suburbs of Worcester, Massachusetts, but now reside in Chicago, pursuing a degree in Geography at DePaul University. I currently aspire to be a transit planner in the future. I enjoy riding transit when I get the opportunity to, but my main interest with transit is how routes and stops are planned out.

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About Cedric:

Hello!  I’m Cedric, born in Rhode Island and currently living in Providence. I love, reducing car dependency, active mobility, and turning America into a place for people, not cars, but my favorite thing in the world is public transportation. I love staring at google maps, analyzing how underfunded transit agencies are, and yelling at the MBTA to buy EMUs. I’m hoping to help rebuild our nation’s transit system where you can actually rely on transit getting you from point A to point B

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